General data protection regulations

As of May 25, 2018, the General Regulations on Personal Data Protection – Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27th of April 2016, is in force, laying down the rules on the protection, processing and free movement of personal data of natural persons and which applies directly to all entities carrying out the treatment of those data in any Member State of the European Union.

The purpose of this communication is to inform you of the new rules applicable to the processing of your personal data, the rights that you have, and to inform you of how you can directly and simply manage your consents.
In the scope of the activity of Terrat, Lda, as an agency for employment, recruitment and selection of candidates for job offers of their clients, insofar as it determines the means of treatment and the purposes, it is the entity responsible for the treatment of your personal data and to ensure the protection of your privacy, acting in accordance with the law and the new Regulation.
Entity responsible for the treatment:

Terrat, Lda.
Av. Eng. Arantes e Oliveira, n.3 – R / C 1900-221 Lisboa
Our records include data that were obtained during the selection processes, spontaneous applications or following the various interactions with Terrat.

If you wish to keep your data and the information that Terrat, Lda has registered, you will not have to do anything.

In addition to the situations in which we treat data to comply with legal requirements, we also have dealt, if it has been authorised for this purpose, with your data for the following purposes:

• Employment Agency: We receive job offers / requests of workers and, if your profile fits the offer we have and your expectations and objectives, we try to find out from you if the offer interests you and send a resume to our client , only with the professional data and not with the personal data (identification numbers, telephone, contacts, address, etc).

• Job offers: Your personal data, geographical location and / or profile are also processed for the purpose of disclosing the job offers of our customers. These communications are intended to give you the chance to know about work opportunities that may interest you .

• Transmission of data for contractual purposes – Whenever in a recruitment and selection process, the candidate is selected by the client for employment, therefore for the signature of an employment contract and only when the client / employer justifiably requests your data required for contractual purposes, official authorisations required at work or in the countries of destination, they will be  collected and transmitted to the customer.

Terrat, Lda. Will keep your personal data for the period necessary to provide its services and, if you authorise it, for future agency processes.

Your personal data may be communicated to judicial, tax and regulatory authorities, for the purpose of compliance with legal requirements.

At any time, you have the right to access your personal data, as well as to change them, oppose their treatment, decide on the automated treatment of them, withdraw consent and exercise the other rights provided by law (except for data required to the fulfilment of legal obligations by Terrat). If you withdraw your consent, this does not compromise the lawfulness of the treatment carried out by that date. You have the right to be notified under the terms of the Regulation, in the event of a violation of your personal data, having the right to submit complaints to the authority(ies).

We guarantee all rights enshrined in the Regulation. To do so, you can, from now on, make all the requests related to the protection of your data with Terrat. You can also update existing data, expressly referring to your consent in the terms above.

We are committed to the protection and confidentiality of your personal data. We have taken the technical and organisational measures necessary to comply with the Regulation, ensuring that the processing of your personal data is lawful, fair, transparent and limited to authorised purposes. We have taken the measures we deem appropriate to ensure the accuracy, completeness and confidentiality of your personal data, as well as all other rights that you may have.